Are you crazy about wordgames or can’t get enough of puzzling?
Do you want to beat your opponent with a single blow?
Download WordSnake!

I have heard
about this game...
But what is it?

A brand new wordgame! Create a word to gather points. The bigger the word, the more points you get. The last letter of your opponent’s word is your given starting point.

How is it played?

WordSnake is somewhat inspired by a Well known game called Scrabble. Just like this game the letters of WordSnake, each have a different value. The letter ‘E’ is one point, but the ‘W’ for instance, is worth five points. If you make a six-letter word, you get double the word value, with a seven-letter word triple the word value, and so on.

If you make a ten-letter word, you instantly win the game through ‘sudden death’ principle. This is called a SnakeBite!


The Hall of Fame is only for the very best and shows the overall player rankings based on games won (2 points), number of snakebites (10 points) and games lost (minus 1 point)


No troublesome registration, no complicated rules. Start a game immediately. You can play against multiple opponents at the same time.


You’d rather play in Dutch? No problem! You can play WordSnake in Dutch in addition to English. Ga je gang! But beware of the SnakeBite!


Prove you can make a long word from difficult letters and leave your opponent with an impossible starting letter. If a word isn’t allowed while you are certain it should be, simply report it via the app menu and help us improve the game


Soon available on Android

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